This spring has launched a technicolor season- first in fashion, and now in home design. The look is playful, electric and so intriguing! However, it’s one thing to splurge on the latest candy-colored shoes or sassy sunglasses. It is quite another to invest in items for your living room. A daring few (whom I admire!) may be bold enough to embrace unusual trends with gusto, but how many of us can easily throw neon into the mix without it looking juvenile or silly? Well, a little goes a long way, so use a hot hue with care. Just one sophisticated piece can inject your living space with tremendous energy. I say, brave it with a few of my favorites…

Brilliant Console Table

Alexandra Von Furstenberg (former daughter-in-law of fashion mogul, Diane) has boldly ventured into interior design, resulting in a retro-sexy collection of acrylic furnishings and accessories that has cornered the market on sleek and chic! Each element—from modern consoles to eye-catching accessories —is comprised of simple lines and classic forms, and the allure here is the designer’s cutting-edge use of materials. Her unique layering of clear and brightly colored acrylic gives each piece the illusion of being lit from within. The pieces glow like elements from a Warhol fantasy. The concept is audacious and captivating fun! Alexandra’s nod to ‘70s plastics will have us yearning to add a little Studio 54 style to our abodes.


Soulmate, Cocktail & Soiree Trays

While we are on the topic of that crazy genius, Andy Warhol, let’s talk art. Most designers agree that art selections should resonate with you- not match your furniture or color scheme. With that said, well chosen artwork is the perfect way to introduce an avant garde element into your home. A subtle and neutral setting really pops with a riot of color, safely contained within a frame on the wall. Go bold with your art; it can really make a room sing. Visit local art fairs and peruse galleries often- especially while you travel. I try to bring home a special piece from each city I visit. Here, in Dallas, I really love the variety of both old masters and contemporary artists works in the Martin Lawrence Galleries.


Kachina Dolls, Andy Warhol

Attention is often focused on our walls or the space within them. But, what about our floors? Although this surface is often overlooked, the floor is prime real estate and can anchor an entire setting on its own. For a foundation to become a true focal point, use a vibrant area rug like those in the Kyle Bunting collection. This visionary has taken the silky texture of cow hide and taken it to another dimension. His custom dyes cover every shade in the rainbow and then some! You simply must see his collections- many inspired by famous interior designers. I could take this shocking blue number, below, and build an entire room around it- delish!

Unchained by Kyle Bunting

Neon can be novel, yes. But if used with style, it can not only take its rightful place in interior design, but add timeless character- and zing- to a regal room. With proper balance, any eccentric touch will successfully add your unique personality…and that is what living a life well-lived is all about. Have I convinced you? Even if a flash of neon is still a stretch for your formals, at least try a little pizazz on your person- it will make you smile. I just got the courage to purchase for these darling Azalea oxfords from Cole Hawn and have an entirely new spring in my step!